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Apr. 12th, 2013


a new addiction.. (~_~)

whoahhhh..such a looooooooooooooooooooong hiatus!!!
me myself has already finished my bachelor degree n now working at a private school.

*ughhh..already that long?* XD

i just wanna share one of my recent addiction after japan + korea stuff..
it's Dragon Cave!! (^___^)

*it's all your fault WIDAD!!!! grrr..* XDD

the best part in this game is knowing that they've hatched n naming them..
i've named my dragons after the names of my 'JUMPies'!
maybe after this i'll continue with Arashi's n Kis-My-Ft2's perhaps!! =P

enough for today..tomorrow i gotta go to work~
should have some beauty sleep i guess..hihi

*bonus caps before going to bed..my recently watched movie Ouran High School Hosts Club SP*


Sep. 18th, 2011


another looooooooooooong hiatus~~ TT_TT

hello minna-san~~

i just wanna inform everyone that i'll be on a looooooooooong hiatus AGAIN bcoz of my studies. The new semester is already started n the fact that i'm now a final year student n have to do a loooooooooooooot of assignments will stopped me from updating my LJ as i do these few month..so, there's no more 'ikemen desu ne' fangirling as usual..TT_TT

seriously..i feel soooooooo sad bcoz i've no time to do the screencaps anymore..although i really2 LOVE to screencaps that dorama..especially when it comes about the cute-ren-facial-expression-moments..however my studies is more important i guess.. *wiping tears*

pray for me minna..i've only two more semesters before i graduate..wish me all the best okay!!see all of u again when my semester breaks come back..chiauuuuuuu!! 

*before i go..
presenting my current addiction..
Daito Shunsuke as Ootori Kyouya from Ouran High School Host Club~~* ^^


okay..i think that's enough!!
i better stop NOW before i continue my screencaping-fever of him..hahaha XDD

see u later dearies~~ =)

Aug. 18th, 2011


Yabai ne~~ ^^


yeah..for these few days i've made a lot of screencaps of 'Ikemen Desu ne' ep.5..yabai ne..bcoz i'm soo in love with a.n.jell including mio..how come all four of them can be sooo cute in this episode??? *faint* to be frank..i've been lazy these few days to make an entry of this dorama..but thanks to mikan15 -san's messages..i manage to post it today..arigatou na mikan-san~~ ur messages did motivate me.. =)  *BIG HUG*

As for today's entry..i would like to highlights some of my fav scene of ep.5...

The 1st one is my fav scene ever!!! (u wouldn't want to know how many times i've rewind n replay this scene..haha..so cute of them!!) Mio's DOs-ness when applying plasters n medicine towards Ren's wound:



LOL..i can't stop saying "cute!!!cute!!sooooo cute!!!!" when this scene appear..especially the 1st n 2nd caps..his face is sooooo like this >__< rite?? XD

The 2nd one is at the shop where Ren teasing Mio of being a buta-usagi:



I love the 3rd caps..the way Ren teasing Mio is sooooooo cute!! <3 <3

at the change room before they went to the shop :


seriously Ren looks good in school uniform~~ ^^ yet after making an annoyed face towards the fake fairy..he still can brag about his wound to Mio..haha..so cute of u Ren!! (i know that's only as an excuse to save Mio from that annoying woman!!!arghhhhhh..i hate that NANA very much!!!!) >=/

The 3rd one is the silly n hilarious scene of the buta-usagi surgery: 


LOL..i can't stop laughing during this scene..u r so silly Rennnnnnnnnnn!!! XDD

the satisfied 'sensei' after successfully doing the 'surgery'...haha~

The last but not least is the sweet scene of Mio n Ren:

owh..seriously i love Mio's face on the 2nd caps..she looks sooooooooo sweet~~~ <3

Okay!!enough of Ren-Mio cuteness~ we change it to Hika's cuteness instead (or..should I call him Yuki?? ;P)


love his cute smile..n his expression on the last caps is sooooo funny~~haha..being jealous to Shu who knows everything about Mio.. ^^

instead of being cute n funny..i also love to see his serious yet sweet face like this..sooooooo lovely~ <3

remember this scene anyone??? KIMOCHI WARUI!!!!!!! XDD

Lastly..a bonus screencaps from ep.4..Ren's EPIC facial expression:


LOL...Ren's facial expression is soooooo funny!!! *i'm still laughing when uploading this one u know!!* XD

P/S: for Shu's fan..i'm sorry..it's not that i don't like him in this dorama..but i can't find a good scene to screencaps him bcoz he always being hurt by Mio (unintentionally of course)..n i don't like to see his sad face like that. That's why i didn't do it for him coz i feel sorry for him~~ T__T

Hey!Say!Jump in Malay newspaper..

Hello minna~~ 
Today i just wanna share an article of Hey!Say!Jump in one of my country's newspaper. Actually, my family usually didn't buy that newspaper. However, thanks to ieja88 for informing me about the article in that newspaper..she also with a BIG heart took the picture of that article..credits to her..thanks ieja-chan~~

Here's the photo of the newspaper article:

Source: Metro Ahad (14th August 2011)

At first, i'm thinking of translating this article (actually..i've translated it already..) but then i found it in tokyohive. It has the same translation of this article. So i guess..there's no need to post the translation of this article again. Anyone who interested to read this article's translations can refer here.

I pity them for this incident. But, as for me..what is wrong is still wrong..n I wouldn't hesitate to say that Ryu's act is wrong in the 1st place. However, he must have his own reasons for doing so..and as a fan..i believe in him. I hope he'll remain as the member of Hey!Say!Jump bcoz they're not the same if one of them is no longer there~~ T___T

Aug. 12th, 2011


No wonder she cries hard... T___T

Konbanwa minna-san~~

Today i want to share the lyrics and translations of the song 'Alone' since i can't find any of it anywhere..(warui ne..I don't know why i can't resist posting about this dorama!! LOL~) Thanks to unmei_86  -san for asking me the whereabouts of the lyrics..u makes me wants to try translating it by myself after reading your comments!! ^^

However, this is NOT the official lyrics..it's only based on my ears..i listen to this song again n again and the translations also NOT 100% accurate bcoz it's based on my own interpretations. So, feel free to correct me okay?? =)


aitakute zutto furetakutte motto
kimi no yokogao kirei na yubisaki
naze toozakatte yuku no?

hitomi tojite mo mimi fusai demo
hanikamu egao atataka na kioku
ima mo wasurerarenai yo

ai dake wo sotto oshiete
ne doushite sayonara na no
kotoba mo naku nagareru toki
mune ga harisakesou

ai dake wo sotto ataete
ne doushite kiete yuku no
suterarenai ano hibi
kotae mo nai mama

tomedonai kono itoshii sa
otomonaku afuredasu yo

kimi dake wo motto mo tomete
kimi dake wo machi tsuzukeru
haruka na sora miageta nara
nakitaku naru kedo

maebure mo aizu mo naku
wakare mo toki mukaete mo
kotoba mo naku dakishimetai
daisuki na hito ni okuru ai wo

hitomi tojite mo mimi fusai demo
hanikamu egao atataka na kioku
kitto..wasurerarenai yo


i've always wanted to see you, want to touch it more
your face from the side, those beautiful fingertips
why did you have to go far away?

i closed my eyes and blocked my ears..but
your shy smile, the memories that still warm
even now..i'll never forget it

'love' is the only word that i want you to tell me
hey..why do you say 'goodbye'?
without words..the time flows
my heart seems to breaks

'love' is the only thing that i want to give you
hey..why it has to be gone?
i'll never forget that day
when you're already can't answer me

this endless love
is quietly begin to over flowing

you're the only one i want to seek even more
you're the only one i continue to wait for
i look up at the sky from distant
i feel like crying..but

without any notice and signs
the time of farewell has come
without words..i want to embrace him/her
i send away my love..the person that i love 
i closed my eyes and blocked my ears..but
your shy smile, those memories that still warm
for sure..i'll never forget it

from what i understand..this song is about a person who lost his/her lover forever (die)..maybe true or not..it's only my understanding. Seriously this song is soooooo sad..no wonder Mio cries hard when she sing this~~ T___T

ii ne Mio..bcoz u have Shu that will always be there to console u~~ 


P/S: I've edited the lyrics and translations..thanks a lot to unmei-san for recommending aya_no_michi  -san's page. I just knew that she has also posted the lyrics before but..i did NOT copy her or something..i just use the link on her page where she found the kanji, to check the lyrics n translation that I've done. The kanji can be found on ah-san's page here. Credit goes to both of them.. ^^

*I think I'm the one who wants to cry when i save an empty post while editing this post..thank God i manage to remember all things that I've translated before~ the moral of the story..always copy your posts n keep it somewhere..T___T* 

Aug. 10th, 2011


Lovely voice..Mio~

Konichiwa minna-san~
warui ne..mata 'Ikemen Desu ne' no posuto~~ ^^
I just wanna share an mp3 version of the song 'Alone' sang by Mio in the 4th episode.. I just edited n converted it from the video this morning..a good quality one i guess~~ ;P

A.N.JELL (Mio) - Alone.mp3

Password: LovelyMio

Bonus caps:

the satisfied yet confused songwriter..Ren~

Shu's "i wonder why she cries" face~

the cutest n cheerful member relieveness..Yuki
(still can't call him yuki when i watch this drama..i keep callin' him hika..) XD  

Ren wa....ikemen desu ne~~ ^^

Hello everyone~
Recently I've been watching Ikemen desu ne n seriously i get ADDICTED with it!!!! 

Before this, i only know hika (HSJ's yaotome hikaru) as one of the actor n i watch this drama bcoz of him. I really have no idea who r the lead n 2nd lead actor..one thing that i only know is they're from kisumai..that's all! However, after following this story for 4 episodes..i started to like all four of them!! 

At first, Shu did not get my attention because as for me, i don't like that type of role who is always smiling sweetly, being too kind n so-called kakkoi. But, after watching the 3rd episode where he follows Mio while assisting her by giving directions to her through his handphone..i started to like him.. ;P

I love Ren to be with Mio..but at the same time i pity Shu n hope that Mio will sometimes appreciate him as well.. *confused* aaaaaahh~~this is the 1st time i like both lead actors to be with the lead actress..usually i'll only like one of them.. ^^

Okay~enough of fangirling!!
Here i want to share some of Ren's screencaps of ep.4

(click picture to enlarge)



his sleeping face..chooooooooooooo kawaii~ ^^



the best thing in this dorama...his priceless face-expression..LOL
agree anyone?? XD


ok..that's all for now~ here the bonus caps:



Jul. 25th, 2011


MBLAQ in Malay newspaper!!! ^^

Hi there~just wanna share a page of MBLAQ article in one of my country's newspaper. Actually..every saturday, there will be a k-pop slot in the newspaper that my father always buy. So, the 1st slot that i'll go through is that slot..hihi (^___^)v

and last saturday..when i found that MBLAQ is the one that the writer put in that slot..i'm really really really HAPPY for them!! (although it's only a short one). Here is the photo of that page..n for those who are interested to read it but do not understand Malay language, i've already translated this short article into english. Happy reading~~ =)


Name: Yang Seung Ho
Stage name: Seung Ho
Position: Leader and vocal
D.O.B: 16th October 1987

Name: Jung Byung Hee
Stage name: G.O
Position: Main vocal
D.O.B: 6th November 1987

Name: Lee Chang Sun
Stage name: Lee Joon
Position: Vocal
D.O.B: 7th February 1988

Name: Park Sang Hyun
Stage name: Cheon Doong (Thunder)
Position: Vocal and rapper
D.O.B: 7th October 1990

Name: Bang Cheol Yong
Stage name: Mir
Position: Main rapper
D.O.B: 10th March 1991

     After a long hiatus from the entertainment programmes MBLAQ manage to have their comeback on Music Bank last week to promote their third mini album, Mona Lisa. The song 'Mona Lisa' produced by Ji In, Wontag and Rado with a catchy-spanish-electronic rythm filled by analog intruments, is a different style of MBLAQ that shown previously. The lyrics of the song compared a face-expressionless women as mona lisa that makes men longing for her love. For sure all of MBLAQ fans is waiting for their performance on the television!

Jul. 11th, 2011


I'm screwed by Screw~ XD

whoah~such a long hiatus..
being a daigaku no seito wa taihen desu ne~~

yesterday, i was googling for the lyrics of Hey!Say!Jump - Screw and its translation..then I found keiraryoko's page which has both kanji n romaji lyrics. i try to find the translation but none has been found.

suddenly i feel that i want to try to translate it by myself using a very good online dictionary : jisho.org/ recommended by my friend that have been studying in Japan. I've spend the whole night translating this song..when i finished, suddenly i thought of checking again if there are any of HSJ fans has translated this song. So, i may check if my translation is accurate or not. LUCKILY THERE IS ONE!!! i found kodochalover's page and she has translated that song. 

as soon as i read her translation..i was laughing out hard (its already 3.00 am girl!!!!) bcoz my translation is totally different with hers..LOL~~ in her translation..the lyric was like about love btween a couple that the girl is a person who doesn't talk much about her feelings towards his lover and it makes him SCREWED! but my translation was like the girl is not interested of their relationship anymore n her lover cannot accept that the girl doesn't love him anymore..LOL~~ XDDD

this is my version :

The moment when you whisper your love

Why do you make such a lonely face?

Hiding it in your heart

Your voice, i wanted to listen to it

The sound of wind outside the window is sneering at me 


‘LOVE’, when you murmured the word with that smile

Except the two character,that kind of feeling

Tell me and convey that to me

Your love is over, your feelings/affection is over

My heart is breaking


Love is rura rura painful

Rura rura it is cold

There is no hopes for this feeling to wander about

Therefore rura rura it is the worst

Rura rura rura it has been showed

The countless feelings/affection in the air has ended


I remembered when I accidentally embraced you

Covering you by my side

It has been accumulated, my heart was paused

Your voice, that gesture/action

All are going to be washed away


Love is rura rura painful

Rura rura it is cold

However, it is a brief and fragile thing that appear

Therefore rura rura it is the worst

Rura rura rura it has been showed

The unconveyed feelings started to overflowing


The wind has spread and deliver it

My love for you will never end


Love is rura rura painful

Rura rura it is cold

There is no hopes for this feeling to wander about

Therefore rura rura it is the worst

Rura rura rura it has been showed

The countless feelings/affection in the air has ended

i'm still giggling while posting this one you know~~ ;P
please forgive me yabu-kun for 'ruining' your lovely song..gomen ne~~

here's the more accurate one

see..even dai-chan n hika also laugh at my translation~~ T____T

P/S: everyone has their 1st time..so don't bash me..but correct me..at least i have effort to get to know what my 'babies' were singing right~~ =)

May. 9th, 2010


sushi maniac!!

recently..i'm soooo into sushi making most of them are maki-sushi and tamago sushi the shapes are not very good but i think the taste is ok (bcoz it'll be finished everytime i make it..hehe) actually..it is quite easy to make this dish juz a bit of skills and right techniques will make it turn well here.. i want to share a home-made sushi recipe these are the ingredients and how to prepare it:

  • 3 cups   sushi rice (i use calrose rice)
  • 1/2 cup  vinegar
  • 2 tbs      sugar
  • 2 ts        salt
Methods :
  1. clear the rice from all sorts of impurities
  2. wash the rice with running water until there is no more starch coming out of it
  3. take the rice and place it gently in a pot
  4. add a little bit more water than rice ( the ratio is about 1.15/1 in favor of the water)
  5. cook the rice on high heat at first, stir every minute until the water boils
  6. then..stop stirring, lower the heat to minimum and cover the pot
  7. after 6-8 minutes, check the water level
  8. if there is no more water, that means the rice is ready
  9. take the rice out of the pot using wooden spoon (metals will damage the sushi rice)
  10. mix together the rice vinegar, sugar and salt in a pot on medium heat until all solids mixed well
  11. pour mixture on rice and stir well
  12. let rice cool down for a few minutes until it is within the room temperature
p/s: there's no need to add sugar and salt if we use sushi vinegar in the meantime, we can prepare the fillings

  • sausage
  • crab stick
  • tamago yaki (fried eggs)
  • japanese cucumber        
  • carrot
Methods :
  1. cut the tamago yaki, cucumber and carrot into long slices
p/s : we can steam the sausages and crab sticks if we don't like to eat it raw

  • nori sheets (dried seaweed)
after all the things were prepared, we can start wrapping the sushi for the best result, it's better to use the bamboo mat to wrap it but..instead of that, we also can use plastic wrap if we couldn't find one

Methods :
  1. take a nori sheet and place it on the bamboo mat
  2. wet your hand and spread the cooked rice on top of the nori sheet
  3. put in slices of cucumber, tamago yaki and sausage
  4. roll and cut
  5. repeat step 3 and 4 by replacing the fillings

    the result is..tadaa~~

    my 1st attempt..not really in a good figure ne~ hehe..

    my bento..the shape is improving~ thanks to bamboo mat-kun!  ^__^

    for more various sushi recipes please refer to this website http://makemysushi.com that's all from me..hope everyone can try it *credit to makemysushi.com for the sushi rice recipe

    P/S : for Muslims, make sure that you carefull enough when choosing the vinegar, nori and shouyu (japanese soy-sauce) bcoz most of them contain mirin


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